New Vision has global experience designing and producing award-winning video projects for a variety of major corporations, U.S. government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

The New Vision team develops concepts, writes scripts, designs motion graphics, directs video shoots worldwide, edits, and distributes to target audiences.

We help the best organizations in the world build their brands, inspire their people, shape their messages, and reach out to new audiences and new customers.

New Vision has experience and expertise in producing viral marketing videos, sizzle videos, "Who We Are and What We Do" branding and identity videos, messages targeted to decision-makers, client communications, corporate histories, and videos focusing on innovation and new technologies.

We specialize in producing short-form videos that feature high-value content and that travel well on social media.

We help create content for CEOs, international leaders, policy experts, and other thought leaders in business, academia, government, finance, journalism, sports, and the arts.

What We Do